Sunday, November 7, 2010

walking through

The Lord as a plan for each and every person and we never really know what the plan is. Sometimes however we get a small look and what we do with that small look is up to us. lately the Lord as turned ever plan i have had up side down and all around. even though i do not like the fact that my plans have change and a new plan as been but in front of me I know that it is OK because it the Lord plan. That the thing those plans that were change were mine and not the Lords and yes the new plan that the Lord is walking me down is hard but it is good. even though right now I look around all I see is things falling down and it hard i know it will be OK . The Lord tells us in his word even though we walk through the shadows of death and we see body left and right it OK because he is their. And that the thing that i have been leaning on. Because it not through me Strength but through his i will get throw, with the Lord we can over come all. look at David and the giant it was only through the Lord that he was able to over come him and have victory, that was it is that we have to remember not through us but through the Lord and his strength

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