Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The new check it out with Nicole . The foot prints in the Sand

The foot prints in the sand!!!
The new check it out with Nicole.                                                                     
Hello friends!!!
I am writing to update you on my life and my ministry. In the beginning of the month I returned to Bethany were I am serving as a ministry intern and taking a few classes. During my time here at Bethany I will be taking a worldview class, spiritual warfare class and a power of the cross class. On returning to Bethany I am currently taking steps towards global internship were I will be serving over seas for 16 months. 

World view class:
I have learned about many different world views such as naturalism, nihilism, new age, post monism and more. Learning about these different world views will allow me to better understand different people and their beliefs so that I may share Christ with them.
Up coming ministry
Coming up on Friday February 3rd, 4th my self along with a group of Bethany students will be volunteering at acquire the fire. This is a 27 hour teen conference that is put on by teen mania ministries.  This event will be an amazing, stretching and growing experience for teens. They will have the opportunity to hear the gospel in a way that will reach them where they are at.

Nicole Downer