Thursday, November 18, 2010


Life brings surprise lately, life a throw several curve balls at me. however throw it all I am remained how good the lord is in my life. Lately I find myself reading john 15. John 15 tells us about how the lord cuts the bad of and make the good bigger and brighter. John 15 also talks about how if we remain in the lord ,he will remain in us. We are the children of the lord we are like trees that are unmovable by waves. As I read john 15 I am remained of who I am, that I am a daughter of the king. That the lord is a good god that he never leaves or forsake me. Through the lord we are giving the strength to over come issues that are but in front of us. I am remind of a saying that a great women of God once told me “ what do you want, how badly to you want it, what are you will to do to get it ” and really as child of the lord what I want to do Is to follow the lord and only do his will. So I know that through the lord I can face anything that GOD buts in front of me. Because the will only give me what he knows I can handle. Yes sometimes I feel like my world is falling apart , it hurt and makes my skin crawl

but through the dark the lord brings light.

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