Saturday, October 30, 2010

grace leaning on the lord

every day brings new things , new experiences ,new thoughts and of course new battles. but with all of this a new day also brings a clean start for the Lord tells us in his word not to worry about tomorrow for today as enough worry in it self. but how many of us worry about whats coming next . what do i have to do tomorrow how will i pay for this? can i really do this ? am i really heading in to this situation this way?
the world we live in today is so focused on what coming next we miss what is happening now we miss the little things.
as a college student i am always going you can ask those who know me they never see me. but my point is this in today's run around our we missing what the Lord has for us because we are going so much we do not stop to hear him. to hear the Lord voice to say Lord here i am , do we have we missed something he has for us.
that is why i believe the most important thing we can do is to stop and lesson. let tomorrow worry about tomorrow and even if it only a little while spend time with the Lord because after all it in those times when the Lord does the great things in are life's. because after all i do not know about you but i do not want to live for this world i am living for him and his glory.
The lord already knows what is going on in our life each day, he knows what is happening even before we do. so why stress.
i know for me it because some times it is really easy to get caught up in the world and what is going on and forget that the lord as me in his hands and he knows what i need when i need even before i do.
he knows when i need grace to make it through the day when i just need time with him. he knows all after all he is Abba . Lord of Lord king of kings and so much more.

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