Sunday, October 24, 2010

october fun

hey guys Nicole here

so October as show to be a good month with lots going on. currently i have just fished taking theology 1 and am about to start old testament 2. The classes here at bcom continue to push me feather in to the lord and his greatness. i am learning so much that will be very useful wither i am mistering to people on the street or i am on the mission filed.
every day beings a new lesson, lessons that grow me in my relationship with the lord.

the lord as been doing a lot of work in my heart in many area he had been removing things and replacing them with goodness. this as and is a good but hard time because as great as it is that the lord is working on my heart it is not always fun. but through pain comes growth.
i am reminded of a song lirc that says beauty from ashes. right now that is what the lord is going in my life he is bring good from the bad.

something that i have learned this semester is this the lord as given each person a story, a testimony of what he has done in peoples life. these story's are meant to be shared so that they can be used to 1-give Glory the father 2- change a person life and give hope.
i never really thought that my story would ever help any one but know i now it was meant to be shared and give glory.


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