Monday, June 18, 2012

The river

Just something that came to me well I sat down at the rock on the river edge.

The river can only follow one way it can not go back no matter how much it wants to try. Like the river along our walk in life we cannot move back, we can only go forward. Some times in life like others I find myself wishing to go back to that moment in time, to spend one more seconded with a person we love, to make a different discion. To go back to whom I was then or for someone who I was. I looked how I felt. Each of us has their own moment in times where we wished we could go back. But like the river we cannot go back only forward, carrying our past with us. However we can move forward taking bits and pieces of our lives with us, making us who we are.     Each of us has a testimony; a testimony that gives glory to the Lord for his faithfulness in our lives. So like the river, we can never go back but we can go forward taking and sharing the lessons we have learned along our walks with the Lord.

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